Kate Seamark Kate Adores

I am a freelance journalist with extensive experience writing about news, homes and decorating, travel, pregnancy, parenting and women’s issues. But everyone is a journalist these days, aren’t they?

I also have six children, which isn’t so common.

During my sixth pregnancy I started a blog called Diamonds and Daisychains, which grew into a fabulous women’s writing community with over 20 contributors. I even sometimes (rather ambitiously) called it an online magazine!!

I am particularly passionate about ethical fashion. I campaign for both legislation and consumer awareness about the provenance of our clothing. And of course, I only buy sweatshop-free clothing for myself and my family… some of which is there for the world to see on Instagram @kate.adores.

These days, though desperate for an interesting and well paid writing assignment, I am mainly working through my divorce. It’s not all hardship though: there are still plenty of things happening in the world to get enthused or enraged by, there are some beautiful friends who have stood the test of family breakup, and there is even a dashing new man who occasionally encourages me to drink champagne and dance on tables.

Portfolio scrapbook:

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